eyewear-trendsThe new year is officially here so why not celebrate by updating your eyewear? We all deserve a fresh lookin 2022! Valley Eyecare Center would like to share the latest 2022 eyewear trends to help you choose your next pair of glasses.

Retro Classic Frames are Trending

A classic rarely ever goes out of style. In fact, retro looks are even more in demand this year and eyewear designers are ready with more styles, including new takes on such classics as wire-rims, cat-eye and aviator-shaped frames in an assortment of colors and textures to express your personal style.

Make a Statement with These Frames

Are you still spending your days in online in Zoom meetings? Recharge your look with a pair of statement frames. Frames with bold shapes and colors are on trend in 2022. The right frames will help you grab attention and exude confidence whether you are online or out and about.

Less is More with Minimalist Style Frames

If you are someone who believes less is more, eyewear trends in 2022 have you covered with minimalist style frames. Instead of standing out, these frames are designed to blend in with your face. Transparent frames are back on trend this year and come in a variety of styles, including half-transparent rims. Some feature metal accents and tinted colors that still allow you to make a fashion statement while keeping with a more understated eyewear style.

Protect Your Eyes with Blue-Light Lenses

No matter where you are or what you do, it is difficult these days to avoid interaction with digital screens. Whether you require prescription lenses or not, blue-light lenses are again trending in 2022 to protect your eyes from the harmful effects of blue light. These lenses can be used in almost any style of frame and will help protect your eyes from digital eye strain and its symptoms of dry eye and migraines.

No matter what your style preference is for 2022, you are sure to find just the right frames at Valley Eyecare Center. Schedule your next eye exam with us by calling (602) 955-2700.