Progressive Lens Benefits

It is normal for your vision to change as you get older. If you are currently wearing glasses for distance, you might find yourself needing glasses for reading, too. You could choose to go with two separate pairs of glasses, bifocals, or even trifocals. However, these solutions can be a hassle for some people. A better option to discuss with your eye doctor is going with progressive lenses.

Progressive lenses, also known as multi-focal lenses, combine three prescriptions into one pair of glasses. Here are three benefits of making the switch to progressive lenses.

#1. No Need for Multiple Pairs of Glasses

Some days it is hard enough to keep track of just one pair of glasses. If you need a pair of glasses for distance, a pair for reading, and maybe a pair for working on the computer, that is three pairs of glasses to keep track of. You might be spending a lot of time tracking down your glasses or continually switching pairs throughout the entire day depending on what you are doing. With a progressive prescription, you just need one pair of glasses for everything.

#2. No More Ugly Bifocal or Trifocal Lines

Yes, bifocal and trifocal lenses have improved over the years with less noticeable tell-tale lines. However, you still must deal with their distinct “lines of demarcation” that make them uncomfortable to use. If your two or even three prescriptions vary a lot, switching between the two, or three vision fields can be uncomfortable and disorienting. Progressive lenses provide a gradual change between multiple prescriptions without the need for lines that can cause eye fatigue that could contribute to vision issues.

#3. Progressives Provide a More Natural Vision Experience

Patients that switch to progressives often report that they do not experience the “jump” that they feel when viewing things at a short distance and then looking at things far away. Progressive lenses provide a smoother transition between distances, which can really make the difference during activities like driving when you are likely to be looking at the road and your car’s dashboard.

If you are tired of dealing with multiple pairs of eyeglasses or bifocals, maybe it is time to give progressive lenses a try. Schedule an appointment with an eye doctor at Valley Eyecare Center by calling (602) 955-2700 or schedule your appointment online.