Contact lenses are one of those scientific advancements it would be very difficult for an eye care patient to live without. The convenience, comfort, and sight improvement make life much brighter and more fulfilling. Proper cleaning and care of your lenses is incredibly important. Eye doctors recommend these three easy lens cleaning steps to maintain good eye health.


Wash and dry your hands, then take out one contact. Squeeze a small amount of cleaning solution in the palm of your hand, then place the contact lens in the solution. Wet the pointer finger of your opposite hand with the cleaning product, then place that finger onto the lens and gently rub. Both sides of the lens are now being cleaned, as the friction and solution removes built up dirt and deposits from the lens. Use a light hand when performing this technique, as being too aggressive may tear your lens. If you are not sure what product or technique to use for cleaning, consult eye doctors for recommendations.

Rinse Off

After cleaning the lens, carefully rinse it off. Put the stopper in the sink before rinsing, just in case your lens should fall into the sink (an added note– clean and sanitize the lens immediately if that should occur). Begin with the lens still in the center of your palm, and flush away the cleaning solution using the rinsing product. After that, gently pick up the lens between two fingers and use the opposite hand to squeeze rinsing solution onto the lens until it is completely clean. Before placing the lens in the carrying case, empty and rinse that thoroughly as well.

Overnight Soak

Once you have cleaned both lenses as above, a great idea is to soak them overnight for thorough disinfection. Eye doctors may recommend specific overnight soak products for your lens type, otherwise using your regular storage solution is sufficient. The overnight soak should be a regular part of your lens care routine.

Proper contact hygiene keeps your eyes healthy, clear, and comfortable. Consult your Phoenix eye care professional for more contact lens care tips to maintain impeccable vision for years.