The idea of buying your eye glasses online might seem like a great idea. However, the convenience and cost savings of buying your eyewear online does not always give you the same results doing it in-person. Here are three reasons why buying eye glasses online could be a bad idea.

Reason #1 – The glasses may not fit correctly.

When you purchase glasses online, the tradeoff is you do not receive the personal service that you receive from Valley Eyecare Center. You cannot try on frames to see how they feel or fit when you purchase eye glasses online. Our vision professionals can help you choose the right frames for your face and the right lenses for your glasses.

Reason #2 – Getting a complex prescription right can be challenging.

Some prescriptions are more complicated than others. If you have a strong prescription, it may be difficult to order your glasses online. When you purchase your glasses from your local vision center, the optician marks the exact spot on each dummy lens to measure your pupillary distance. Online glasses typically place the center of vision in the geometric center of the lens, which does not work for all patients, especially those with progressive glasses.

Reason #3 – It may be difficult to get reimbursed from your vision insurance company.

You may need to pay for your eye glasses out-of-pocket because not all online sellers accept vision insurance. Your insurer may require you to see an eye doctor and purchase your glasses from a specific provider. After paying for your online purchase, you then have to request reimbursement from your insurance. You will need to obtain itemized receipts, fill out a claim form, and then submit copies of everything by mail or online. It could take a couple of weeks to receive reimbursement if your claim is approved.

Instead of taking a chance with online glasses, schedule your next eye exam, and eye glass fitting with Valley Eyecare Center by calling (602) 955-2700.