Eye Allergies Phoenix Eye DoctorsNothing is more irritating than the feeling that there is something in your eye. But if your eyes are red and irritated, and you don’t see anything in them, it could be allergies. Here are three ways to help you reduce the impact of eye allergies.

Try to Determine the Cause

Eye allergies can be triggered by numerous irritants and allergens. Ask yourself a few questions to help figure out what the source may be, as you may be able to avoid the source altogether or reduce your exposure to allergens.

Are there certain times of the day that are worse for your eye allergies? Do you notice your eyes itch or burn after petting a certain type of animal? Are your eye allergies limited to short periods of the year or are they a year-round battle? For example, if you are allergic to a pet, but are only bothered by their fur in the spring, then perhaps it is their shedding that triggers the eye allergies. To help solve this you could have the pet groomed to get rid of the fur it is shedding and shorten the life of your eye allergies.

Avoid Wearing Contacts

Outdoor allergens, such as pollens from grass, trees, and weeds pollinate, and for many people, these pollen particles are what really sets their eye allergies off. If you are wearing contacts, pollen can end up sticking to your contacts, or even getting under them, and irritating your eye more. Eyes often feel dry when we are dealing with eye allergies, wearing contacts can make matters worse. During peak eye allergy season, or whenever you make be spending extra time outdoors, you may opt for wearing your glasses instead of your contacts.

Try Medicated Eye Drops

One of the easiest ways to combat and even prevent eye allergies is by using medicated eye drops. There are many kinds of eye drops on the market, and some address specific symptoms of eye allergies. Depending on the eye drop, they can be used early in the day to help prevent issues later on, or to treat symptoms as they arise. As always, it is a good idea to consult with your eye doctor to find out which drops they would recommend for you.

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