Phoenix_SunglassesPhoenix eye doctors agree:  If you need lenses and aren’t using prescription sunglasses, you may be risking your eyes – or worse.

Given how expensive glasses and contacts can be, some people don’t want to spend the money for prescription sunglasses as well.  However, prescription sunglasses offer many benefits that make them worth the money.

Four Reasons Prescription Sunglasses Are A Good Idea

1 – Direct eye protection.

Unlike the cheap sunglasses sold in retail stores, a prescription pair of sunglasses from qualified eye doctors will be polarized, UV treated, and have the possibility to change tinting based on light levels. Unlike other eyewear, prescription sunglasses guarantee the protection your eyes need.

2 – Improved driving.

Glare is a problem when driving in the best of times, but it can be enhanced by contacts or glasses.  This is especially true if your glasses are smudged and refracting the sunlight further. Prescription sunglasses cut through the glare and provide a safer drive for lens-wearers.

3 – They go where contacts can’t.

Contact wearers know there are situations where they probably should not be wearing contacts.  For example, when going to the beach: The grit of the sand can work its way behind contact lenses, scratching your lens and cornea, leading to infection. Wearing prescription sunglasses to the beach is a much safer option for protecting your eyes.

4 – Safer sporting.

Sunglasses, or even treated sports goggles, are the preferred option for sports.  Prescription sunglasses and goggles bringing improved visibility while protecting your eyes.

Protect Your Eyes With Prescription Sunglasses

If you need corrective lenses, prescription sunglasses are a smart investment.  They improve your vision in bright daylight, while providing a wealth of eye health benefits.

If you’re still using untreated lenses, consider contacting your local eye doctors for a sunglasses appointment.