Sunglasses are one of the coolest accessories around. It’s hard not to look sharp when you’re wearing a pair of shades. However, if the cool factor isn’t enough for you, we’ve got excuses backed by science! Here are four compelling reasons why you should wear sunglasses every day!

1. Sunglasses protect your eyes from UV rays.

Arizonans know it’s important to wear sunscreen and protect their skin from UV radiation. Many don’t realize the same rule applies to their eyes! The same rays that give you a nasty sunburn can also do damage to your eyes, including cataracts and macular degeneration. Protect your peepers from the sun with a pair of sunglasses and you’ll thank yourself as you get older.

2. A set of shades can help prevent eye strain.

We have an abundance of sunshine in the Sonoran Desert. This means bright light that can leave you squinting on the brightest days. When you squint, you can fatigue the eyes and leave them strained. You can also give yourself a headache. Wear your sunglasses and you can fend off tired eyes and an aching head.

3. Sunglasses help protect your eyes from the elements.

Blowing dust is a staple in the desert. Sometimes, it feels like every breeze feels like a sandblaster because it comes loaded with dirt and grit. Shield your eyes from damage by keeping them covered up with sunglasses. Better still, sunglasses can guard the sensitive skin around your eyes and eyelids from sunburn!

4. Sunglasses allow you to see more of the world around you.

The Arizona sun can wash out the landscape around you like little else. Beautiful vistas turn washed out and bleached under the unforgiving glare of the afternoon light. Slip on a pair of shades and watch the world transform! You’ll be able to see more of what’s around you, from a higher contrast view of the Superstitions to seeing more clearly as you drive down the interstate.

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