Your eyes are involved in just about every minute of your day, so keeping them healthy is a big deal. Many people take their sight for granted, but the truth is that your eyes are very vulnerable and within a second you could lose your vision. The following four signs should tell you that you need to invest in your eye care.


Your eyes have a delicate biological environment that can be compromised easily. Sleeping with your contacts in, rubbing your eyes with germ-ridden hands, and environmental particles are all contributors to eye issues. If you frequently develop eye infections, schedule an eye exam right away. Your optometrist or ophthalmologist will help you treat the infection and identify the causes before they cause permanent damage.


If your eyes are commonly red, irritated, itchy or burning this is an indicator that something is wrong. While the cause could be something as minor as allergies, an eye exam will help identify if you are suffering from eye strain, an infection, damage to your cornea, or another critical condition.


For a lot of patients, eye strain is a common culprit of chronic headaches. Too much time at a computer or small screen, working in poor lighting, and failing to rest your eyes during intensive tasks are all very likely to trigger a bad headache. Talk to your eye doctor about this problem, as he or she can recommend solutions based on your work environment.

Vision Trouble

If you already wear glasses or contacts, it is important to make sure you have the correct prescription. For those who do not have a history of needing corrective lenses, know that your eyes change shape as you age and you may develop a need for some degree of correction. In addition, various eye diseases may only be detected during a yearly eye exam.

Your eyes are incredibly important to your quality of life and protecting them should always be on your mind. An annual eye exam is a great start to investing in your eye health!