Switching to contact lenses is a big decision for most eyeglass wearers. You will need to pay more attention to your daily eye care and will need to be mindful of hygiene when handling the contact lenses. It may also take you some time to get used to putting the contact lenses in your eyes and the feel of them. Some eye doctors like to compare wearing lenses to wearing shoes. The very first time we put shoes on our feet, it may feel strange and quite unusual, but before too long we get used to them. Well, that’s exactly the same with contact lenses!

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To make sure you adapt to your new contact lenses quickly, here are our favorite 4 tips for first-time contact lens wearers.

Relax When Putting Them In

Make sure that you are completely relaxed when you are trying to put the lenses in your eyes. It’s normal to feel anxious or nervous as you may have never done anything like this before. There might be a few worries running through your mind, such as the contact lens getting stuck in your eye, but things like this are very unlikely to happen. So, take a deep breath and try to clear your mind so that you aren’t too stressed when handling your new contact lenses.

Keep Your Lenses Clean

It is also essential that you keep your contact lenses clean at all times too. You will need to store them in the correct case and with the right kind of solution when you aren’t wearing them. Always wash your hands thoroughly before handling the contact lenses. You will need to clean your lenses as your optometrist has shown you every time you remove them. These hygiene measures will make sure that you minimize your risk of eye infection.

Follow Your Optometrists Recommendations

There is a lot of information online regarding contact lenses and the correct way to care for them. If you are ever in any doubt, you should always speak to your optometrist. They will provide you the information you need. Your eye doctor is familiar with the contact lenses you wear, and it’s important that you follow their recommendations.

Know How To Handle Problems

It’s essential you know what to do if the following occurs:

  • Blurry vision. This can sometimes occur if you put the contact lenses in the wrong eyes or inside out. Try taking them out, and put them back in once you confirm that the lenses are correct.
  • Irritation or dryness. Your contacts may not fit correctly. If this is the case, speak to your eye doctor. It might be that your eyes aren’t hydrated. Using some eye drops can help with this.

If you are considering contact for the first time, or have questions about your contact lenses and care, schedule an appointment with a Valley Eyecare Center eye doctor. Book online or give us a call at 602-955-2700