bigstock-young-man-working-hard-with-la-45069994Men are rumored to pay less attention to their health than women do, and this trend spills over to their eye health. Good eye care does not have to be complicated or time-consuming, as illustrated by these tips to help men keep their eyes healthy and happy!

Yearly Eye Exam

Many men hate going to any doctor. However, vision problems can quickly escalate to the point of permanent sight loss. An annual eye exam is quick and can identify issues before they become life-altering. A yearly prescription review is also very important so that you aren’t squinting or struggling to see.

Prevent Eye Strain

As technology has blossomed, it seems like most of the day is spent staring at a device or screen. Increasing numbers of careers revolve around intensive computer work and you may be suffering after a full day in front of the PC. Take eye health breaks by looking up and away from your screen often to help your eye muscles relax.

Sports and Project Protection

Even tough guys can incur an eye injury during contact sports or when working on machinery or projects. Do yourself a favor and “gear up” anytime you participate in an activity where flying debris is present or objects are thrown.This can be done by putting on your safety glasses or goggles beforehand.

Watch Your Medical Health

Your weight, nutrition, and general health affects your eyes too. Diabetes, high blood pressure, and other conditions can damage your eyesight. See your medical doctor regularly to monitor any health trouble you have, and share your medical information with your optometrist.

Men can tend to disregard their eye health, which may result in unnecessary vision problems. Keep your sight crisp and clear by visiting your eye doctor at least yearly and making an effort to protect your eyes and their overall health.