Vision and eye conditions are common among children. These conditions can present themselves as a simple need for glasses, or a more obvious case of amblyopia, and all may leave parents concerned forPediatric-Eye-Conditions their kids. Yet the commonality of these conditions means doctors have trained to mitigate and treat them with comforting skill.

Watch your children for signs of these five common pediatric eye conditions. Prompt treatment can prevent long-lasting vision issues. It can also restore confidence and self-esteem to the children who find themselves coping with eye conditions.

  1. Amblyopia is better known as “lazy eye”. It occurs when one of your child’s eyes does not develop as much as the other eye does. This compels the child to use the stronger eye, tuning out the weaker eye. This can lead to vision difficulties in the future if it remains untreated.
  2. Ptosis appears as a droopy, “sleepy” eyelid that may sag down over your child’s eye. This condition may be present at birth, or it may develop later. The child might need to tilt their head up to look out from beneath the lowered eyelid to see.
  3. Strabismus is a pediatric eye condition where the eyes have misaligned, are turned, or appear crossed. Your child may tilt their head to try to align their eyes, or you may notice an apparent misalignment of your child’s eyes. This can lead to amblyopia if it remains untreated.
  4. Nystagmus can be either congenital or acquired. It is marked by fast, involuntary back-and-forth motions of the eyes. Where congenital nystagmus appears in the first few months of a child’s life, acquired nystagmus appears after around six months of age.
  5. Refractive error is a clinical term for the most expected of pediatric eye conditions: vision issues that require glasses. It can reference astigmatism, myopia or nearsightedness, and hyperopia or farsightedness.

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