Watery eyes often come from the weather, foreign objects in your eyes, or allergies. However, they can sometimes arise from other conditions that produce tears. Most conditions remain benign and don’t require medical intervention, but there are some causes of watery eyes that need the attention of an eye care professional.

Five Conditions That Can Cause Watery Eyes

The dry, hot climate in the desert can make your eyes eager to produce tears to stay moist. Other conditions can do so, too, such as:

  • Eye Strain – When you stare at a screen or concentrate on a task for too long, your eyes grow tired and irritated. This can cause watery eyes.
  • Stye or Chalazion – These bumps on your eyelid can irritate your eyes until they produce excess moisture.
  • Blocked Tear Ducts – You’d think a blocked tear duct would mean dry eyes, not watery ones. Yet as your body tries to clear the blockage, it makes extra tears.
  • An Injury in Your Eye – If your eye has been damaged, it may water in reply.
  • Adverse Environmental Factors – If your region is affected by wildfires, or smoke from a neighboring state has blown across your city, your eyes may water.

When to See an Eye Care Professional

Many conditions that cause watery eyes will go away on their own. Others can be treated at home, such as common allergy symptoms or eye strain. Yet you may need to make an appointment with an eye doctor if you have certain symptoms, such as:

  • You got chemicals in your eye.
  • Your eye is producing discharge or blood.
  • You have bruising around your eye you can’t explain.
  • Your sinuses or the area around your nose are tender.
  • You have a headache as well as watery eyes.
  • You have an eye injury or scratch.
  • You lose your vision or have disturbances in your vision.
  • You have a foreign object stuck in your eye or inside your eyelid.
  • Your watery eyes don’t go away on their own.

Your vision care professional can ensure you receive the proper treatment and will help alleviate the symptoms.

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