We spend most of our days either in front of a computer screen or using a technological device. It makes sense and quite befitting that there be a way to strengthen our understanding about eye care through the usage of our mobile devices. Luckily in this technological world there are many mobile applications that can teach us about taking better care of our eyes.

After meeting with your Optometrist to fully understand what your particular needs and concerns are, you can then begin your research on which mobile application is best suited for your particular needs. Only an Optometrist can prescribe or diagnose your particular eye ailment, but many websites can help you better understand how to care for your vision, and what vitamins, foods, and even exercises can help you to maintain optimal eye health.

Eye Care ++ This application will simply  help you track your eye exercises. While it seems odd to some to take time out to exercise your eyes, consider that eye strain leads to headaches, and dizziness and can keep you from work or play if the problem becomes serious. Eye Care ++ is perfect for those glued for hours to a screen and forget to look away.

LZ Eye Care This is more than just eye exercises this application will teach you about proper nutrition and also about proper eye care.

Eye Care ++ Free This is the free version of Eye Care ++ perfect for those sceptical that they will really need or even use the application. It is a great way to take a test run and see if your eyes benefit from daily care.

Eye Care App This application is wonderful as it will remind you to rest your eyes, and will even remind you when it is time to begin your exercises. Perfect for those glued to a screen all day and end up with itchy irritated eyes at the end of the day.

Web MD your trusted spot to reach physicians who can best direct you how to care for more serious eye problems that you would usually seek your Optometrist for such as pink eye, eye irritation, dry eye, and lazy eye which all can develop due to long hours in front of the screen.

When it comes to eye health prevention is always the best medicine.