Unless you have a chronic eye condition or have been told by your vision professional that you should have your eye examined more often because of your health, you should have your eyes examined every one to two years. If you currently wear glasses, your eye doctor is likely to tell you to have your eyes examined every year because you may not notice subtle changes in your vision.

Whether you wear glasses or not, if you experience any of the following five signs, it is time to visit your eye doctor right away.

#1. Blurry Vision

It is common to have blurry eyes upon waking that clears up right away. However, if you have sudden blurriness that does not go away, you should see your eye doctor to rule out a serious eye or health condition. It could be as simple that you need a new eyeglass prescription, or you are experiencing eye strain, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

#2. Double Vision

Seeing double is never normal, and not something to ignore. You should contact your eye professional to determine whether an eye exam is needed or whether you should go straight to an emergency room. Not all causes of double vision are life-threatening, but it could indicate you are having a stroke or other issue with your brain’s blood vessels.

#3. Seeing Spots or Flashes of Light

While seeing some spots/floaters are normal, seeing a sudden shower of spots or flashing lights in your field of vision could be a sign of a detached retina. If this happens, call your eye doctor immediately. When treated right away, the risk of permanent vision loss can be reduced.

#4. Eye Pain

It is not normal to ever have eye pain. A sudden and severe pain in your eyes could be caused by a type of glaucoma that causes blindness if not immediately treated. Other causes for eye pain could be an infection, a scratch on your cornea, or irritation from a foreign object in your eye.

#5. Red or Pink Eyes for More than 24 to 48 Hours

Your eyes can become red or pink from allergies, conjunctivitis (pink eye), or temporarily from eye strain. If you have discharge, you could seek care from your primary first. However, if redness or pinkness remains for more than 24 to 48 hours, you should give your eye doctor a call to rule out a serious eye condition like glaucoma.

Do You Have Any Signs?

Do not take a chance with your vision. If you notice changes with your eyesight, it is time to have your eyes examined. Call Valley Eyecare at ((602) 955-2700 or schedule an exam online with one of our eye doctors.