Eye exams offer more than a prescription for new glasses or relief from eye infections. They can also tell you a surprising amount about your general health. It’s another excellent reason to ensure you schedule an eye exam every year!

Your vision care professional may be able to detect concerning health conditions during routine tests. These conditions can include:

  1. High Blood Pressure. Your eye doctor may be able to spot signs of hypertension during an eye exam. They may be able to see damage to your blood vessels, such as leakage or swelling. These symptoms can indicate serious issues that, if left untreated, can threaten your vision in the future.
  2. High Cholesterol. It may seem strange to discover signs of high cholesterol in your eyes, but they’re there for a trained professional to see. Cholesterol, which is a waxy substance in your blood, attaches to the insides of your blood vessels, especially when there’s too much of it. Your vision professional may be able to see it as a yellow or blue ring around your cornea, or within the blood vessels of the retina.
  3. Thyroid Disease. Issues with your thyroid, often associated with an autoimmune disorder known as Graves’ disease, can manifest by causing your eyes to bulge. This happens when the muscles in your eye swell. It can also make your eyes feel itchy and look red. You may also experience vision disruptions, such as double vision or oddness in the appearance of colors.
  4. Cancer and Tumors. Some brain tumors increase the pressure in your brain. This can have an impact on the appearance of the back of your eye. They can also cause pressure on your optic nerve that’s visible to a trained professional. Your vision professional may also be able to spot skin cancers, ocular melanomas, and other issues.
  5. Diabetes. Complications from diabetes can cause a variety of disorders and visual disruptions. Regular exams will help your eye doctor spot them and treat them before they threaten your eyesight.

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