Caring for contact lenses may seem intimidating if you’re new to wearing them. Contact lens care isn’t difficult, yet there are a few precautions you should take if you wear contact lenses.

Woman Putting Contacts into Eyes

1. Never Wash Contacts with Water

Unfortunately, water often contains bacteria that isn’t visible to us. Clean your contact lenses with the appropriate contact lens solution. Your eye doctor will let you know when you get your contact lenses which solution is ideal for your lenses.

2. Never Sleep in Contact Lenses

Sleeping in your contact lenses can cause a variety of issues. You are at high risk of getting an eye infection or damaging your eye when you sleep in your contact lenses. Not only does the contact lens prevent your eye from getting the oxygen it needs while you sleep, but your contact could scratch your eye if you rub it in your sleep.

3. Never Skip Cleaning Contact Lenses

When you remove your contact lenses, immediately clean them. This is one of the most important steps to contact lens care, as it removes the bacteria that has gathered on the lens and not only prolongs the life of the lens but protects your eye. Again, always clean them with contact lens solution, and never with water or soap.

4. Never Wear Your Contacts When Your Eyes Are Irritated

If your eyes feel dry or irritated and you are wearing contact lenses, take them out. Your contact lenses could be the cause of the irritation. Even if they are not, it is possible you might rub your eye and damage both the contact lens and your eye. Remember to clean your lens and soak it in solution in its case as soon as you remove it.

5. Never Swim with Your Contacts In

If tap water is bad for your lenses, then pool, lake and ocean water is even worse. Keeping your lenses free from bacteria is one of the main goals of contact lens care, exposing contacts to any body of water that you swim in, is never a good idea. Aside from the water having bacteria, types of water we swim in can irritate our eyes, and it can get even more uncomfortable if you get that irritating water caught behind our lenses.

Proper contact lens care is an essential part of wearing contact. If you have any questions or concerns, get in touch with your eye doctor right away to ensure your eyes stay healthy. To schedule an appointment with a Valley Eyecare Center eye doctor, call us at 602-955-2700 or schedule your next appointment online.