Did you feel overwhelmed picking out frames when you purchased your last pair of eye glasses? You are not alone. There are so many decisions to make…what style, what color, do you want metal or plastic, what size, and so forth. Instead of stressing over what frames to choose, follow these five tips that can help you choose the perfect pair of new frames.

1. Choose Shapes that Contrast the Shape of Your Face

Your frames should contrast with the shape of your face while remaining in scale to the size of your face. If your face is:

  • Square-shaped, choose narrow frames that have more width than depth
  • Oval-shaped, choose frames that are wide or walnut-shaped
  • Round-shaped, choose wider narrow frames that have a clear bridge
  • Oblong-shaped, choose frames that have more depth than width
  • Diamond-shaped, choose cat-eye shaped frames or frames that have detailing at the brow line
  • Triangle-shaped, choose frames that are light-colored, lightweight, or have a wider bottom
  • Upside-down triangle-shaped, choose frames that have detailing or color on the top half

2. Choose Frames that Feel Comfortable on Your Nose

The frames you choose should feel comfortable. You should avoid glasses that slip down or pinch your nose because they can irritate your nose and leave red marks. A good way to see if the frames you choose fit is to shake your head. If they move, they are too big.

3. Choose Frames in a Size that Fits Your Face Best

The size of your eye glasses can affect your vision. If your glasses are too small and feel tight on your head, your peripheral vision could be affected.

4. Choose Frames that Center Your Eyes

Your eyes should be centered in your eye glasses. If your eyes:

  • Look too close to the inner corners of your frames, you will look cross-eyed
  • Look too far to the frame’s outer corners, the glasses will look too small for your face
  • Are narrowly set, do not choose frames that are too wide for your face

5. Choose Frames with Colors that Complement Your Skin Tone

You can choose from a wide variety of frames in all different shades of color or patterns. However, you should stick to a color that complements your skin tone.

  • If you have a warm-colored complexion, stick to colors like khaki, copper, camel, red, orange, or warm blue.
  • If you have a cool-colored complexion, stick to colors like silver, rose-brown, black, tortoise, blue, or pink.

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