As one of your five senses, the health of your eyes can play a big role in your overall wellbeing. Even if you already see an eye doctor routinely, there is more that you can do to ensure your eyes stay in good health.

  • Good Nutrition

We all know that a healthy diet can improve many aspects of our lives, but it can also play a key role in our eye health. Eating a diet that eye-healthincludes a wide variety of foods, especially vegetables and fruits, is ideal. There are specific nutrients that can help our eyes perform at their best, like vitamin A and Omega 3’s. For a more in depth breakdown of what vitamins and minerals are essential for our eyes, and where you can get those vitamins, we have a whole blog post dedicated to it!

  • Avoid Dry Eyes

Dry eyes can be an issue year-round, but they seem inevitable in the dryer Arizona seasons. During the months with less humidity in Arizona, the dryer air can take a toll on our eyes. Not only are dry eyes uncomfortable, not treating them can lead to other issues, especially if you wear contacts. A simple way to combat dry eyes in your home is by investing in a humidifier. Running a humidifier, even if it’s only for part of the day, can aid in keeping your eyes comfortable and healthy.

  • Be Aware of Blue Light

The blue light given off by the tech screens we are constantly staring at have been a hot topic as of late. All hype aside, being conscious of your screen time can do wonders for your eyes. For many of us, limiting the time we have to spend on a computer or phone isn’t as feasble as we would like. Luckily, most devices now have settings that you can adjust to tone down the blue and warm up the colors on your screens, making them easier on the eyes. Blue light blocking glasses are also becoming more and more popular, and they do, in fact, help create a barrier for your eyes when you must sit in front of a screen for lengthy periods of time.

  • Get A Good Pair of Sunglasses

We’re all probably aware of how harmful UV rays can be on our skin and our eyes, and most of us own multiple pairs of sunglasses. Making sure your sunglasses are quality however, is even more important to keeping your eyes healthy and safe. Sometimes cheap sunglasses don’t block as much UV as they should, and some don’t block any at all. To get the most protection out of your sunglasses, investing in a quality pair that is proven to block UV rays is vital if you’re not sure what the best pair might be for your needs, you can always consult your Valley Eyecare doctor on this.

  • Be Careful What You Put in Your Eyes

This probably seems like a no brainer, but sometimes things we can put in our eyes aren’t always optimal for our eye health. Eyedrops to relieve dry eyes, or to brighten up or soothe red eyes are fine when used on occasion, but constant routine use without doctor recommendation can have negative effects. Many eyedrops even offer warnings on their packaging, and advise on what a healthy usage might look like. Conversing with your eye doctor on what drops you use regularly in your eyes is always a good idea, and they can guide you towards what is best to use and when.

If you ever have any questions about how to keep your eyes healthy, or if you want to check up on your current eye health, you can book an appointment at Valley Eyecare Center via a call to 602-955-2700 or by scheduling online.