Millions of people in the United States suffer from some degree of vision loss, much of which is preventable. By spreading eye care awareness in Phoenix, you can help reduce the likelihood of blindness and vision impairment in your community.

Phoenix Eye Doctors

Photo credit: kenteegardin / Foter / CC BY-SA

Be an Advocate

An easy way to spread eyecare awareness is to be an advocate for eye health. Schedule yourself and your immediate family members for routine eyecare appointments on a yearly basis, even if no one requires vision correction. Do you have a great Phoenix eye doctor? Share his or her name proactively with friends and co-workers and motivate them to schedule appointments.

Familiarize Children

Set a strong example for children by practicing great eye safety and care strategies. Encourage them to keep dirty fingers away from their eyes, avoid throwing objects at each other, and show them safe work habits. Help them “suit up” for building or handyman tasks by putting on safety glasses and protective equipment that is appropriate for the project at hand. Make the annual eye exam a fun experience by associating it with positive experiences, such as an excursion at the park or giving them a toy as a reward for behaving well at the doctor’s office.

Be Vigilant at Work

Encourage others to work safely, using protective eyewear as needed. Even at a desk job, eye injury can occur if a particle enters the eye and there is no first aid solution available. Ensure that fresh saline solution is on hand at all times and that other employees know where it is located.

Share Knowledge

Did you read an interesting article on preventing eye strain? Share it with family members and co-workers who could be helped by the information. Engage people in conversation about their eyewear and products they use to get them thinking about eyecare. During eye-related awareness months, spread the word on the cause at hand and how others can help.

Lead a Donation Drive

Many eyeglass wearers have no idea what to do with their old glasses. Encourage them to bring in outdated pairs for donation to your local Lion’s Club organization. These glasses can be refitted for less fortunate individuals in dire need of vision help and won’t go in a landfill.

Vision is something that so many of us take for granted. By helping spread the word about proper eyecare, you could help save someone’s precious gift of sight.