Growing up is hard to do, and so many children are injured and even lose their sight in a flash. The vast majority of children’s eye injuries could have easily been prevented with a little awareness and common sense. Here are some ways to focus on kids’ eye care.


Any parent can attest to the fact takes milliseconds for a child to be injured. During playtime, constant supervision is a must. Children involved in sports activities require an adequate number of adults who are paying attention. If age groups are intermingling, be sure to step up the supervision. Younger children are not as coordinated and may easily be injured when balls or projectiles are being thrown, plus may be playing with age-inappropriate toys.

Protective Eyewear

Children involved in sporting events or in “helping” parents or teachers with projects should be outfitted with protective eyewear. Set an example to children by wearing safety glasses or sports goggles whenever necessary.

Prevent Bullying

Kids’ eye care is not just about sports. Children are susceptible to being bullied by peers and older age groups. Physical assault can easily cause blindness. If you suspect a child is being bullied, call attention to authorities.

Teach Proper Form

Sports are great for children and encourage team work, social development, coordination, and fitness. Coaches and parents should take time to teach children the right way to throw, catch, hit, and perform on the field. Helping them understand the body mechanics of sports can avoid kids’ eye care issues.

Keep Out of Reach of Children

With regard to dangerous chemicals or toxic items, the warning label should be a very blatant reminder. Households with small children should have chemicals stored in a locked or inaccessible cabinet. Be aware that children can and will climb on things, so don’t ever overestimate how securely you’ve stored poisonous items. Chemicals will quickly cause blindness and death.

First Aid Preparedness
One of the best ways you can be prepared for kids’ eye care emergencies is to have a stocked first aid kit and know where the nearest hospital is located. Eye injuries should be attended to without delay to prevent blindness.

Kids’ eye care is no laughing matter. Too quickly an accident may occur and leave a child permanently blind or sight impaired. Always look out for potential trouble and do your best to protect the children around you.