Ask An Optometrist About Contacts

optometristDid you know that over 30 million people wear contacts in the United States? If you’ve been considering switching from eyeglasses to contacts, you’re not alone. Contact an optometrist to update your prescription and make the switch to contacts.

Contact Lens Tips from a Phoenix Optometrist

How do I clean my contact lenses?

Make sure to clean your contact lenses regularly and thoroughly. If you have non-disposable contact lenses, cleaning them is the most important aspect of maintenance. Make sure to use contact lens solution, as opposed to water, because it will keep your lenses free of any chemicals or minerals that may reside in tap water.

Can I use eye drops while wearing contact lenses?

Yes! If your eyes feel dry, make sure to keep them hydrated. Using eye drops while wearing contacts is perfectly safe for your eyes, and it is important to make sure that your eyes do not become dry while wearing contact lenses.

Can I sleep while wearing contact lenses?

No, most optometrists recommend that you remove contact lenses if you take a nap and before you go to bed. Although certain contact lenses can be worn for brief naps, it is a good idea to remove them if you know you are tired. Play it safe and remove contacts before sleeping, as the risk of eye problems arises when contact lenses are worn overnight.

Can contact lenses correct astigmatism?

Yes! Although many contact lenses in the past could not correct astigmatism, new technology has created contact lenses for those suffering from astigmatism. Contact your optometrist if you would like to switch from eyeglasses to contacts if you suffer from astigmatism.

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  1. Hello,
    I have been trying multifocal lenses for presbyopia. I have never worn glasses for far distance correction since it has always been good, but have been using readers now for several years. My optometrist has prescribed mulitfocal lenses with a +1.00 power and 1.25 ADD in both eyes and my far distance vision is not as sharp. I decided to start only wearing one of the lenses in my left eye and this has improved my distance vision significantly and my close vision is now adequate. I’m wondering a few things:

    Wouldn’t it be expected that using +1.00 power in both eyes would adversely impact my already good far distance vision since +1.00 is a close vision correction?

    Do they make multifocal lenses with no distance correction and only ADD for presbyopia? Would I be a better candidate for something like that?
    Thank you

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