School is back in session, and as a parent you have likely gathered the millions of school supplies and armfuls of new clothing for your child to start the school year. One important area you may have overlooked is your children’s eye care. Checking in with your Phoenix eye doctor before school starts should be considered one of the most important things on your to-do list for the following reasons.

Avoid Learning Delays

Vision issues in children are sometimes very hard to detect, but they can cause a world of trouble for a school-age child. Being unable to see the information the teacher is presenting at the front of the class, or the words on the pages of a book will cause your child frustration as they try to stay on track with their learning schedule. A children’s eye care expert will test your child for near- and farsighted vision and ensure the right corrections are prescribed.

Maintain Eye Health

Unfortunately, children are tiny germ gatherers, and even if they are taught to wash their hands frequently, they will still pick up nasty viruses and germs from other children who share toys or books. Conjunctivitis or pink eye spreads like wildfire in schools and can then come home with your child and spread through the family. Red, sore eyes with discharge and watering are symptoms of this illness. Have your child checked out and educated on hygiene and eye health.

Prepare for Sports

Injuries are a top cause of childhood blindness and sports activities are a huge risk to eye safety. Flying projectiles, finger pokes and collisions have the capacity to cause grave injury in a split second. Before your child participates in sports, talk to your children’s eye care provider about protective equipment like goggles and glasses designed for active kids. Preparing now can save your child’s sight later.

Back To School is a very exciting time for both kids and parents. Bring your child to the eye doctor today to keep him or her on track to ensure proper eye vision all year long.