As we age, our eyes do too. This can bring changes to our vision that require innovative solutions. You might find relief in a different type of contact lenses or in glasses meant to meet the challenges of mature vision.

Progressive lenses in eyeglasses can help you see things that are far away and also close-up. If you’ve ever swapped your single-vision glasses for a pair of reading glasses to check a text on your phone, you might benefit from a pair of progressive lenses.

What are Progressive Lenses?

Progressive lenses are designed to help people who need multiple focal lengths in their glasses. They let you see objects far away, but they also allow clarity for objects that are close by. Best of all, there aren’t lines or sudden jumps in magnification, so the transition between seeing close and far away is seamless.

They do this by dividing the lens into three levels, allowing a progressive transition between the magnifications in the lens. The top level will be tuned for clear vision at long distances. As you look down the lens, the magnification progresses into middle-distance vision, and then into what you need to see up close.

The Benefits of Progressive Lenses

Progressive lenses have advantages over both single-power lenses and the bifocals and trifocals that used to be popular. A few advantages include:

  • You only need one pair of glasses. For people with single-power lenses, progressive lenses eliminate the need to carry around a pair of reading glasses to check your texts.
  • Discreet design doesn’t advertise your vision prescription. Some people feel self-conscious about the need for bifocals. The old style of lenses had an obvious appearance that didn’t leave much room for discretion. Progressive lenses eliminate that issue.
  • No line means clear vision. The older style of bifocals had a jump in vision that could sometimes make a clear view difficult. Progressive lenses eliminate that line, allowing you to see clearly!

Get Progressive Lenses at Valley Eyecare Center

Progressive lenses require expert fitting to ensure the correct fit for your unique needs. At Valley Eyecare Center, we know how to provide you with the ideal fit for your progressive lenses! You can contact us online, or call us at (602) 955-2700 for an appointment.