Your eye is a very complicated structure, and issues with just one of the many working parts can cause you to lose your vision. Attention to your eye health is so important, and one of the ways you can do something positive for your eye care is to have your eye doctor perform an Optomap retinal exam at your next appointment.

What is Optomap?

An Optomap scan is a special imaging system that captures a very detailed scan of your retina. While most systems can capture only 10-15% of your retinal image, the Optomap scan obtains 80% in one panoramic pass. As a result of the high level of detail provided in the scan, your eye health professional is able to find early signs of dangerous eye diseases before they progress to the point where your vision is compromised. Early detection equates to early treatment, helping halt deterioration of your sight.

What Can it Detect?

Your retina suffers damage as a result of many different conditions. Diabetic Retinopathy, Age-Related Macular Degeneration, retinal detachment, glaucoma, and problems related to high blood pressure are all worrisome troubles that can affect your overall eye health. All of these ailments are generally painless, so you often won’t know you have a problem until vision loss starts to occur. Each of these diseases can cause your vision to be completely and permanently lost, so the sooner they are detected, the better chance you have of maintaining as much sight as possible.

What Happens During An Optomap?

The best part about this advanced method of eye health care is that it takes only seconds for the machine to capture the intensely detailed scan of your retina. It is painless and under normal conditions, no special preparation is needed, though your eye doctor may dilate your eyes (also painless) for additional benefit.

Optomap is an amazing advancement in eye health diagnosis tools and may help you avoid vision problems in the future. Ask your Phoenix eye doctor today if an Optomap retinal scan could be used for your health care benefit.