Choosing a pair of eyeglasses is often more than just a practical effort. There is at least a small degree of vanity in making this choice, since you want your new eyewear to be attractive. Phoenix eye doctors can help you choose frames that fit well, improve your vision and flatter your face.

Square Faces

This face shape is usually well balanced, with a broad forehead and strong jawline. Ideal frames will be oval, round, or butterfly shaped. People with square-shaped faces should avoid wearing square or geometric frames.

Oval Faces

People with oval faces will find most frame types attractive since the face shape is nicely balanced. One exception is very large frames, which disrupt the proportions of the face.

Round Faces

Those with round faces usually have well-proportioned measurements that look great in geometric frames, such as rectangular or angled styles. Frames that are a little larger at the top may also look attractive. Avoid short or small frames as they will make the face look odd.

Diamond Faces

With this facial shape, the cheekbones are the focal point to be accented. Cat-eye frames often look wonderful on a diamond face, but eye doctors will also steer the wearer toward rimless or oval styles as well.

Heart Faces

A wide cheekbone structure tapering to a small chin are flattered by a frame with more emphasis on the bottom. A weighted frame bottom or simple temples mounted on the bottom of the lens will help. Avoid temple pieces that are too elaborate, which draws attention to the wider parts of the face.

Oblong Faces

Oblong faces typically have a tall forehead, a long nose, and a narrow width. The face is fairly long and angular. To help balance an oblong face, eye doctors suggest frames that are also tall. For these wearers, an ornate temple piece is appropriate to make the face appear wider and more balanced.

Triangular Faces

With a wide jawline and smaller forehead, a triangular face needs eyeglasses that are weighted towards the top of the frame. Frame bottoms should be smaller than the top, and a top bar may help balance out the strong jaw.

The search for the perfect eyeglasses starts with understanding your facial structure and how different types of frames will create balance for your features. Consult eye doctors to help you pick a pair that will add further to your own attractiveness.