Eye_CareIn today’s society where we’ve all become accustomed to doing more for our organizations, stress seems to come with the territory. You might be aware of how stress affects your body, but did you know that it may also have a negative effect on your vision? Doctors of Optometry want you to know about those impacts so you can avoid trouble.

High Blood Pressure

Stress makes us anxious, agitated, restless, and sleepless. High blood pressure is a common medical result of being overly stressed, and one that makes the eyes suffer as well. When blood pressure goes up, your internal eye pressure may do the same. Glaucoma is a condition that results from high eye pressure damaging the optic nerve, and has the potential to cause permanent vision loss and blindness.

Eye Strain

As deadlines loom and your stress level increases, endless days of staring at a screen and not getting enough sleep will combine to cause eye strain. Optometry patients experience red, irritated, or watery eyes, an uncomfortable gritty feeling, and blurry vision. Headaches often accompany a bad case of eye strain and it becomes more difficult to focus and be productive.

Eye Twitch

Stress is a known trigger of the mysterious eye twitch, when the tissues and small muscles around the eye experience involuntary movement. The twitch may occur for minutes, hours, or even days. Though typically not dangerous, this condition is certainly annoying and can interrupt your concentration and focus. The best solution is to make sure you are rested and use stress-reduction methods so the twitch will cease.

Talk to your doctor of Optometry for more advice on how to manage your stress effectively and keep your eyes healthy and clear. Anxious and intense periods of your life don’t have to harm your vision.