Eye_DoctorsThere are plenty of things that make our eyes unique, but they’re especially useful for  Phoenix eye doctors and diagnosticians of every stripe. Did you know, there are a variety of diseases which can be detected through your eyes, even if the disease isn’t specifically ocular.

It’s just one more reason that regular eye exams are so important: you see the early warning signs of other diseases.

Things Your Eye Health Can Say About Your Body Health

1 – Yellowing Eyes

Jaundice is a condition most parents are familiar with, since it’s common in children, but it can strike nearly anyone.  If a person’s liver isn’t properly filtering toxins, a yellowish tinge to the skin or eyes is one of the first warning signs.  Definitely mention this to your doctor if you’ve seen the symptom.

2 – Bulging Eyes

While some relatively harmless conditions can cause bulging eyes from birth (see: Marty Feldman), eyes that begin to bulge over time usually indicate hyper-thyroidism.  An overactive thyroid gland is easily treated with medication, but can cause numerous health problems, including obesity and heart problems.

3 – Sudden Double-Vision Or Visual Loss

A sudden change in the functioning of the eyes, without any other obvious cause, is usually a sign of serious problems in the brain such as a stroke.  If you or your children experience significant visual loss that persists more than a few minutes, seek emergency medical care ASAP.

4 – Diabetes

People with diabetes are 25 times more likely to have eye health problems than non-diabetics, including far higher instances of cataracts and glaucoma.  Childhood or teenage glaucoma, for example, is often among the first indicators of diabetes.