eye-examAs a parent, there’s nothing more important than your children. Did you know that up to 80% of your what your child learns is obtained visually? In order for your kid to have the best chance to learn, he or she needs to see well, and an eye exam can help to improve your child’s chances of learning.

Eye Exams for Children

Do you know if it’s time for your child’s eye exam? Below, we’ve listed a few indicators that could signify that your child is in need of an appointment at Valley Eyecare Center.

  • If your child has been squinting or rubbing his or her eyes to see better, there is a good chance that your child is having a hard time focusing. And if focusing at home is an issue, your child is probably also having a difficult time focusing at school, so it may be time for an eye exam.
  • Does your child complain about headaches or dizziness? An occasional headache or dizzy spell doesn’t necessarily mean that your child has a vision problem, but if these symptoms have been occurring more frequently than usual, this may be a sign that your child is having trouble seeing properly and should come into our office for an eye exam.
  • If your child typically enjoys reading but has stopped or no longer reads as much as he or she used to, this may also be an indicator that reading is becoming difficult because of a vision problem.

Your child’s vision is important for his or her academic success! At Valley Eyecare Center, our optometrists offer child-friendly eye exams that are tailored to your child’s needs. To learn more about our eye exams, or to schedule an appointment with an optometrist at Valley Eyecare Center, call (602) 955-2700, or visit our website.