Kids are curious, eager to experience, and love to do all the same things that their parents are doing. That can make children’s eye care an important topic, since they can get involved in things that could potentially hinder their vision. Here are a few ways to help prevent eye injuries to your little ones.

Eye_ExamsProper Playtime

When mixing age groups during playtime, there is a risk that toys for older children may be used by younger ones. This can be dangerous, since younger children lack the ability to reason and haven’t developed their reflexes and defense mechanisms yet. Supervise kids at playtime and be sure toys are used appropriately. Anything can become a projectile that could potentially cause injury to the eye.

Sports Protection

Whether or not your child requires vision correction, your children’s eye care provider can help you find the perfect protective eyewear for whichever sports your child enjoys. Sports involving contact or flying objects make protective goggles or glasses a must. Very quickly a game can turn into a tragedy that steals a child’s sight for a lifetime.

Set an Example

Your child wants to be just like you! Set the stage for good vision decisions by always wearing your protective eyewear when working on the car, home project, or using power tools. The same goes for the sports you participate in. Make it a great habit and even a fun part of the experience to do the pre-game or pre-project “Gear up” where you put on any personal protective equipment that is required for the activity, and teach your child why doing this is so important. You’ll help your child learn good habits from the start!

There are so many easy ways to protect your child from eye injuries. Talk to your children’s eye care provider for additional tips.