In a society where most workers must use computers and mobile devices, issues such as computer vision syndrome and eye strain are increasingly prevalent. These conditions reduce productivity, and cause pain, and vision trouble. A product that has seen a rise in popularity over the last few years are computer glasses. Following are some facts that eye doctors want you to know about these glasses.

What Are Computer Glasses?

Regular eyeglasses are designed to help you see nearby, mid-range, and far away.  Computer glasses are a specially designed set of glasses with lenses made to focus at computer distance. They may also have coatings applied, commonly including anti-glare or anti-reflective applications, and possibly a subtle tint.

How Will They Help?

Between the specific focal point these glasses are designed for and their ability to shade you from the glare of your screen, computer glasses make computer work much less stressful to your eyes. Eye doctors often treat computer workers for bad eye strain that can result in many vision and health issues. Headaches, dry or irritated eyes, watery or burning eyes, sensitivity to light and blurry vision are all symptoms that can be caused by eye strain so any possibility for prevention of this problem should be considered.

Are They Worth It?

Some computer glasses can be expensive so you might wonder if they work well enough to compensate for the cost. The answer really depends upon your specific case. Some patients of eye doctors suffer terribly with eye strain, so would find the cost to be well worth the relief they experience. Others with mild cases might opt for behavioral changes first. Getting adequate sleep, ensuring that your work station is arranged in a way that will help minimize the strain, and employing techniques such as the 20-20-20 rule may help. For each 20 minutes you are focusing on a computer screen or small device, look 20 yards away for 20 seconds. This allows your eye to refocus and relax. Eye doctors may be able to write your prescription in such a way that you get the benefits of the computer glasses with less cost.

Computer glasses can be a great solution to eye fatigue and strain. If you suffer from this problem, be sure to ask your Phoenix eye doctor if this solution may work for you.