Phoenix_OptometristOne of the most common questions a Phoenix optometrist hears is “Which are better: contacts or glasses?”

Well, both are good options.  It’s really a matter of personal choice, based on what you’re looking for in four key areas.

Vision Improvement

Most importantly: Which does a better job at correcting your vision?

Contacts are the hands-down winner here.  They cover 100% of your vision, with no frames covering your view.  They aren’t blocked by rain or snow like glasses, either.   There are even multi-focal and progressive contacts available.

Care and Usage

Glasses win here, easily.  They can be taken off and on quickly, and require little more than a soft cleaning cloth and a storage case.

While contacts are much easier to use than they were in years past, non-disposable lenses will still require cleanings.


Glasses are going to be the more affordable option, especially with reasonably-priced frames.  A single pair of glasses can last for years, even decades, with minimal care and no special cleaning products.

Contacts wear out more quickly, meaning more trips to the optometrist.  There are also the ongoing costs of their cleaning fluids.  Disposables eliminate the maintenance, but cost about $1-$2 a day.


Aesthetics are a matter of preference, but you’ve got a choice here.  Glasses are, of course, a popular fashion choice in virtually any setting.  Wearing them opens up new horizons in accessorizing. Plus, glasses won’t make your eyes red with long use.

On the other hand,  no one has to know you wear contacts at all.  Unless, that is, you wanted to change the apparent color of your eyes… or even their shape.

So, next time you’re looking for corrective lenses, remember to talk to your optometrist about the benefits of both choices for your family!