Eye_HealthAs a new or long-time patient with Diabetes, you are probably well aware of how the disease affects your body. An impact you might not have considered is your eyesight. Diabetes can take its toll on your vision, and your optometrist wants you to have the following eye care tips to protect your eye health.

Full Disclosure

As soon as you receive a diagnosis of Diabetes, be sure to tell your eye doctor immediately. He or she will be able to monitor for certain changes that could occur due to the disease. By communicating effectively with your medical doctor and optometrist, the odds of quickly catching a problem increase, potentially saving you from sight loss.

Annual Eye Exams

It’s important for just about everyone to have an annual eye checkup, but even more so for Diabetic patients. Failing to follow this advice can mean that a problem will go undetected and could turn into permanent vision loss. Many of the eye health issues related to Diabetes such as Retinopathy and Glaucoma are irreversible once they begin, but with proper treatment the progress of deterioration can be slowed or stopped. Catching them quickly is a must.

Maintain Medical Health

The most important thing to do as a patient with Diabetes is to follow your medical doctor’s advice to keep your blood sugar and blood pressure under control. This may be achieved by taking medication as prescribed, eating healthy foods, getting enough exercise, and avoiding alcohol and tobacco. When your blood sugar or pressure becomes abnormal, your eyes will go through changes potentially resulting in a catastrophic and permanent loss of vision.

Eye health is an especially big deal for vision patients who also suffer with Diabetes. Be sure to talk to your optometrist any time you notice a difference in your vision, your medical condition changes, or a new medication is added to your routine.