Students can be very rough on their bodies, especially as they enter college life. Parties, cramming in studying at the last minute, all-nighters, term-papers and sports are all potential eye care nightmares! If you or one of your loved ones is a student, focus on a few tips to take care of your eyes.

progressive_lensesContact Care

Students often slack off where contact lens care is concerned, and do horrendous things like re-wet lenses using saliva or water. Never do this, as dangerous bacteria will be introduced into the eye’s delicate environment. Use only sterile contact lens solution to clean, store, and insert lenses. Make sure to change them on schedule, and clean them according to your eye doctor’s instructions. Taking proper care of your contacts will help you avoid eye care issues like serious infection or corneal scratches.

Preventing Eye Strain

Endless nights followed by long days in class will cause eye fatigue and strain. Try to spend less time working on an electronic device by taking small breaks to allow your eyes to relax. Aim for 8 hours of undisturbed sleep per night or more. Gritty, uncomfortable eyes are a common result of eye strain, as well as headaches, dry eye, watery eyes, and blurry vision. Failing to prevent eye strain can make you less productive and more irritable.

Injury Prevention

Sports, both organized and freestyle, can be a hazard to your vision. Anytime you are participating in contact sports, you should be wearing the right sports safety eyewear. Your eye care specialist can help you choose the perfect type for your activity and style. It only takes one elbow or sharp object to shatter an eye socket or permanently blind you. If playing outdoor sports, make sure your eyewear is also rated to block UV rays, to avoid painful Photokeratitis–sunburn to your eyes.

Give your eyes a break by providing them protection, allowing them to rest, and taking proper care of them. Being sensible and prepared now will ensure great vision in the future.