eye_healthWhen an eye emergency occurs and you are unsure how to proceed, it is important to know what immediate steps to take to protect your eye health.

Whether it is a vision-impairing eye emergency or a situation where debris has clouded the eyes, your eye specialists at Valley Eyecare Center have a few helpful tips for an eye problem that requires immediate action.

For a vision-impairing eye emergency or other problem that is causing extreme pain in the eye area (including direct eye trauma, such as a small object piercing the eye), seek medical help right away. Do not attempt to drive, and do not try to remove anything that may be lodged in the eye area, as this could cause more serious damage.

In a situation where you have debris in the eye, such as dirt or a chemical irritant that is not affecting your eyesight or inflicting pain to the eyes, try to flush it out with running water for at least 15 as soon as it happens.

If you encounter any sort of swelling or bruising, hold an ice pack to your eye area. It does not require immediate attention, but schedule an appointment with your eye care specialist in the next day or so to make sure there is no underlying damage.

For eye surface scratches, even seemingly minor ones, seek help right away. You could be at risk for extreme sensitivity to light, or susceptible to infection from fungus or bacteria.

If you experience sudden blindness or spotty vision in one or both eyes, it could point to a more serious underlying problem with your eye health, such as retina damage or a vitreous hemorrhage. In this case, you need to see an eye specialist immediately. The longer you wait to seek professional eye help, the worse the outcome may be.

Your eye health is important to us. Book an appointment with us today at Valley Eyecare Center if you have an issue that requires attention. Give us a call at (602) 242-6888.