eye-healthAs you age, you see life in a different way – often literally, as growing older changes your eyes in sometimes unexpected ways. The increase in whole-body health matters can affect vision, as can eye-specific issues. These changes do not have to impact your quality of life, however. Stay alert for symptoms of these common eye health concerns that people over 65 should know about.

  • Presbyopia – the decrease in the ability to see objects or read words up close. This condition is a normal occurrence as eyes age. You may have begun to notice it in your 40s, but it becomes more pronounced as the years pass.
  • Contrast Sensitivity – difficulty distinguishing an object from the background it sits on if both are the same color. For example, it may grow harder to see a black remote control on a black coffee table.
  • Difficulty Seeing in Changing Light – you may find your eyes adjust more slowly when you go from a brightly lit area to a dim area, or vice versa. This can make stairs tricky to navigate, or you may find yourself bumping into furniture as your eyes adapt.
  • Troubles Driving at Night – Dim light conditions, such as night driving or driving in the rain, may become difficult for you. Night driving may pose a significant issue, as bright headlights from oncoming cars worsen your eyes’ ability to adapt to the gloom. You might discover you need to drive only during the day, or that you should take a driving class geared towards seniors.

Other challenges with your eye health may include:

  • Glaucoma
  • Cataracts
  • Macular degeneration
  • Diabetic retinopathy

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