Cosmetics are a popular staple in today’s fashion world, but users must take caution when wearing them. Improper use of makeup can cause major issues with your eye health. Following these tips will help keep your eyes healthy and your cosmetic experience positive and glamorous!

Optometrist Phoenix No Sharing

Cosmetics, especially those used around the eyes, should NEVER be shared no matter how close your relationship is with another individual. Each person has different biology, including germs and resistance to them. Germs are very easily carried on makeup applicators and can even contaminate the cosmetic itself, which makes sharing a very dangerous idea. Using testers in the department store is one of the worst ways of contaminating your eyes and can lead to nasty infections and worse. If you are adamant about trying a color in the store, use a single-use applicator and try to keep the color away from your eye.

Stay Still

Applying cosmetics in the car is another bad idea, for a number of reasons. Not only do you compromise the safety of others as well as yourself if you are applying while driving, but trying to apply eye makeup in a moving vehicle creates a risk of poking, scraping, or scratching the surface of your eye.

Out With the Old

We all have our favorite shades and types of eye makeup, and they can be difficult to part with. Using old mascara and eye shadow can be hazardous to your eye health, however. Never add water or saliva to old mascara, and don’t use old product as it may have been contaminated dirt or bacteria. Most mascara manufacturers recommend using a tube for a maximum of four months.

Check the Ingredients

The Food & Drug Administration maintains a list of ingredients that are safe for use in cosmetics. Be sure to use products only on the areas they are meant for — no lip liner on your eyes, for example, since you risk contaminating your eye area with bacteria from your mouth as well as with ingredients that may not be safe for wear around the eyes. Refrain from purchasing cheap import products also, as many types use kohl as a darkener and can expose you to heavy metals.

It is easy to maintain excellent eye health while wearing cosmetics. Using common sense and following these simple tips will ensure you stay healthy and gorgeous for years to come!


Photo credit: Courtney Rhodes Pumpkincat210 / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND