Your Halloween celebration might be a little different this year than in past years. However, that does not mean you or your family must skip the fun of dressing up in costumes. But like other years, you still need to pay attention to eye safety to prevent injuries that can turn your holiday fun into a nightmare.

Here are three eye safety tips that will help protect your eyes this Halloween.

Tip #1 – Be Careful with Eye Makeup

Using makeup instead of a mask is usually a better idea to prevent vision obstruction. However, you still need to be extremely careful with costume makeup and avoid getting it near your eyes. If you do use makeup around your eyes, make sure that it is hypoallergenic. Try to avoid makeup that contains glitter to prevent smart particles from getting in your eyes.

Tip #2 – Do Not Use OTC Decorative Contact Lenses

A vision-threatening eye infection from using over-the-counter decorative contact lenses will not leave you with good Halloween memories. Do not buy these lenses from costume shops, online stores, drug stores, or any other retailer that does not require a prescription. Lenses that do not fit properly can scratch your eye, cause ulcers on the cornea, or cause serious eye infections that can cause long-term eye damage.

Tip #3 – Be Careful with Halloween Props

Many costumes include props as part of the fun. After all, what is a witch without her broom or a pirate without their sword? It is all a part of Halloween fun, but it is no fun getting poked in the eye, especially with something pointy. Do not use sharp objects as props, keep props away from your face, and watch where you are walking so that you do not walk into someone else’s props.

No matter what time of year it is, you should always practice eye safety. However, accidents can still happen, and if they do, we are here for you. Call Valley Eyecare Center at (602) 955-2700 to schedule an appointment for all your eye health concerns throughout the year.