Everyone looks forward to vacationing, especially when it involves relaxation. No matter what great destination you are visiting, take some time to prepare for proper eye care safety while you’re away from home.

Pack Supplies

For contact lens wearers, always make sure you bring an extra pair of lenses with you. It can be very easy to tear a lens in the midst of all of the great activities on your agenda, especially if they involve sand, water, or contact sports. Also, don’t forget to pack a small, unopened bottle of saline solution. If you are visiting an area with compromised sanitation or if you’ll be roughing it, it would be wise to use daily disposable lenses so there is no worry about storing them overnight or cleaning them after use. Make sure to transport your eyeglasses in a protective case, in the event that anything should happen to your contacts or your eyes.

Prepare for the Trip

A long flight or trip in a car can unknowingly take a toll on your eye safety and health. The pressurized air in the cabin of a plane dries out eyes and can make them red and irritated. Long hours of driving may lessen your blinking and have a similarly drying, irritating effect. Bring moisturizing eye drops with you and make sure you have easy access to them. If you are a contact lens wearer, purchase drops designed for use with contacts.

Bring Sunglasses

Long days in the sun, surf, woods, city, or country each take a toll on your eyes. Exposure to ultraviolet rays could result in painful sunburn to the surface of your eyes, plus lead to cataracts and long term eye damage later in life. Purchase shades that are polarized and rated as 100% UV blocking for best results, and be sure to wear them any time you go outside during the day even if the weather is overcast.

Safe Swimming

Part of vacation is about having adventures and good times. However, using common sense can make a huge difference to your eye safety. Avoid opening your eyes under water without the protection of swimming goggles, and never swim with your eyes open while wearing contacts. You’ll risk a nasty eye infection or loss of your lenses.

Vacation can be fun and safe simultaneously. Talk to your eye doctor for additional ways to protect your Phoenix eye safety during your travels, and enjoy your trip.