Phoenix Optometrists want people to know: May is Healthy Vision Month! You only get one pair of eyes, so we’re taking this opportunity to spread the word about simple ways to protect your vision.

Phenix_optometryFive Ways To Observe Healthy Vision Month

1 – Know your family history.

At least 1/3 of common eye diseases have a hereditary component – that is, they’re passed on genetically. If older members of your family have experienced issues like glaucoma or macular degeneration, you should tell your optometrist to check for them.

2 – Use protective eyewear.

Physical damage to your eyes can be even worse than disease, because most physical harm will leave permanent vision damage. Always wear protective glasses when working in situations where small debris could fly into your eye.

3 – Wear sunglasses.

Damage done by the ultraviolet light from our sun can accumulate over the years, reducing vision later in life. Wearing sunglasses with UV treatment shields your eyes and prevents unnecessary damage.

4 – Have an eye exam.

Your eye is an amazing window into your body’s health, giving an optometrist an opportunity to observe your arteries, muscles, and nerve endings in action. A yearly eye exam doesn’t just measure your visual acuity – it can spot the early warning signs of dozens of diseases, before they threaten your vision.

5 – Eat eye-friendly foods.

Vegetables that are orange, yellow, or dark green (like spinach) are loaded with the vitamins and minerals our eyes need for proper vision, especially at night. A diet rich in these veggies will help keep your eyes working working better, and for longer.

We only get two eyes in life, and it’s vital to keep them healthy for a lifetime. If it’s been a year or more since your last eye exam, you should contact your Phoenix Optometrist for an appointment.