While the start of the school year may be a little different than previous years, one thing remains important, your child’s eyesight. Healthy vision is often overlooked as one of the necessities for learning. Some vision problems are easy to detect by parents or teachers, while others are not so obvious and require a comprehensive eye exam to properly diagnose. Here are four subtle signs that your child might have a hidden vision problem.

#1 – Your Child Cannot Keep Their Place When Reading

A possible sign of a vision problem is that your child cannot keep their place when on the page while reading out loud or silently. They may not realize they are doing it, but you or their teacher can. There could be multiple vision issues that could cause this, including lazy eye.

#2 – Your Child Avoids Reading and Activities that Require Up-Close Focus

Your child may seem to be avoiding reading and activities that involve close work. They may not even be aware that the difficulty they are having is related to their vision. If your child is avoiding such activities or is easily frustrated with reading, it bears mentioning to your eye doctor.

#3. Your Child Has a Short Attention Span

It is normal for young children to have short attention spans and quickly lose interest in lengthy activities. However, for some, especially when they are of school-age a short attention span may be considered related to a learning disability. However, the issue could be because they are having difficulty with their vision. This is also something to mention to your eye doctor.

#4. Your Child Turns Their Head to the Side

Does your child tilt their head when trying to see something in front of them? They could be doing this to help them see better. Head tilting could be a sign of a refractive vision error like astigmatism. This too should be brought up during your child’s vision exam.

School Vision Screenings May Not Be Enough

Many schools do offer yearly vision screenings that may reveal hidden vision issues. However, sometimes problems do go undetected. The following signs could mean your child has a hidden vision problem:

  • Squinting when trying to see something near or far away
  • Putting face close when watching television or using a tablet
  • Excessive eye tearing
  • Covering one eye when watching television or reading
  • Frequent headaches
  • Light sensitivity with fluorescent light or sunlight

If your child has any of these symptoms, it could be time to schedule a comprehensive eye exam to rule out any hidden vision issues. Call Valley Eyecare Center at (602) 955-2700 to schedule your appointment with one of our experienced vision professionals.