Eye SafetyThis holiday season eye safety may not be your foremost concern. However, this time of year can be dangerous for your eyes due to toys, sports and other potential hazards. Here’s how you can protect your precious sight during the holidays.

Age-Appropriate Gifts

Giving presents recommended for the child’s age group is incredibly important. Small children can get hurt very easily playing with toys that fire projectiles, are meant to be thrown or have sharp edges. Supervising kids of different age groups as they play is also helpful to make sure play doesn’t become too rough, and that toys aren’t misused. An avoidable eye injury can put a damper on your child’s holiday spirit.

Cooking Safety

With so much work to do in preparation for holiday parties, you may find yourself in front of the stove for long periods of time. Be cautious of boiling sauces, steaming pots and splattering grease as you work. Any of these hazards could burn your eye or the surrounding skin, which is incredibly painful and may cause vision loss.

Sports Protection

Part of the fun of the holidays is time spent with family and friends. Keep eye safety in mind while you play. Make sure everyone is equipped with safety eyewear while playing sports. If you’re spending your holidays in a colder climate, snow sports place a stronger need on having protective eyewear since snow and wind can dry out eyes. UV rays reflecting off of snowy surfaces can accelerate cataracts and cause eye cancer, in addition to photokeratitis (sunburn of the eye). Wear UV-blocking sunglasses for optimal protection.

Eye safety should be on your mind all year round, but especially during the holidays. Protect your own sight and that of your kids by using common sense, and staying aware of your surroundings this holiday season. To learn more about eye safety options, contact your optometrist today!