When a price seems too good to be true with makeup, chances are it may be counterfeit. Unfortunately, all too often, buyers think they are getting a great deal, but instead, they could be putting their health at risk. While you may be saving money by buying counterfeit eye makeup, you may be paying a costlier price with your eye health. You could have permanent eye damage. Here is what you need to know about the damage counterfeit products can cause.

Why is Counterfeit Makeup Dangerous?

Counterfeit items may look like a legitimate, brand-name makeup product. They may even have packaging that looks almost exactly the same that is designed with the intent of tricking consumers. However, these products could:

  • Contain known carcinogenic metals like arsenic, beryllium, cadmium, lead or other dangerous chemicals
  • Be contaminated with infection-causing bacteria from insects or rodent droppings because it was produced under unsanitary conditions
  • Have been legitimately produced, but are well past their expiration dates and are being sold by unscrupulous resellers

If It Seems too Good to Be True, It Is!

Counterfeit makeup that is contaminated with dangerous metals and chemicals can cause burning, scarring, and disfigurement. Of most concern is eye makeup because of the risk of it getting into your eyes. The bacteria and other contaminants could cause eye damage. In the end, the money you save on buying cheap, counterfeit makeup may wind up as a mere drop in the bucket of what you may spend trying to regain your eye health with the damage it can do to your eyes.

Do not risk having permanent eye damage from using bargain-priced counterfeit makeup. If you experience symptoms, such as burning, swelling, redness and irritation, or eye discharge after using a new makeup, stop using it immediately. Contact the Valley Eyecare Center at 602-955-2700 to schedule an appointment with one of our eye doctors.