Considering progressive lenses for your next pair of glasses? Progressive lenses offer advantages to the more traditionally known bifocal lens. Progressive lenses offer a streamlined look without the seam of a bifocal lens and allow you to better see things in the ‘in-between’ area that bifocals cannot. Bifocals are great for driving and reading, but what about things that are in the middle? Like a computer screen or someone’s face? This is where progressive lenses really shine but getting used to them might take a little longer than a new prescription for glasses.Progressive Lenses Phoenix Eye Doctors

How Long It Takes

Getting used to wearing progressive lenses usually comes down to a couple factors: what lenses you’ve worn before and how sensitive your eyes are.
If you’ve previously worn bifocal or trifocal lenses, adjusting to progressive lenses will likely take less time than someone coming from single vision lenses. Progressive lenses obviously don’t have the jumps in them that a bifocal or trifocal would, but overall the concept is similar, so it should take you less time to adjust.
When your eyes are sensitive, prone to straining easily, or if you know that changes in your vision might give you a headache or make you feel nauseous, getting used to progressive lenses might take a bit longer. These symptoms during the adjustment period are not at all uncommon, so the best thing you can do is take it slow. On average it usually takes a person about a week or two to train their eyes to use progressive lenses.

How to Help the Transition

There are things you can do to help your eyes adjust faster to your new progressive lenses. Avoid switching back to your old pair of glasses. Switching back and forth between glasses will only confuse your vision more and could make the transition even harder for you. Wear your progressive glasses often: even if you normally only wear your glasses for certain activities, you will adjust faster to your progressive lenses if you wear them as often as possible.

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