Every contact lens wearer has experienced the frustrating moment when they lift their lens to their eye and see a tear in the edge. It often happens at the least convenient moment, when you’ve run out of spares or are short on time. While ripped lenses are inevitable, good contact lens care can minimize those frustrating moments. Read on to learn how to keep your lenses pristine!

If You Tear Your Contact Lens

Torn contact lenses come with the territory. They will happen no matter how gently you handle them. Never insert a ripped contact lens, no matter how small the tear is! These tears in the contact lens material can cause corneal scratches or other eye damage. Dispose of the lens and wear a fresh one instead.

Steps to Preventing Ripped Contact Lenses

These contact lens care practices can help you minimize the instances of torn contact lenses.

  • Avoid using your fingernails to handle your contact lenses. One of the most common causes of torn contact lenses is fingernails. Do not place or remove your lenses with your fingernails. Use only the pads of your fingers. Also, ensure your fingernails are trimmed and filed so they are less likely to tear your lenses.
  • Keep your contact lenses moist. Dry contact lenses are fragile and prone to damage. Never store them out of solution. If they become dry in your eyes, use rewetting drops to moisten them before you remove them. Never use water or a liquid that is not contact lens solution on your lenses (this includes saliva).
  • Unfold your lenses in solution. Folded contacts are as inevitable as ripped lenses. When your lens becomes folded, pool contact lens solution in your palm and gently massage the lens while it sits in the solution. This will help it to open without damage.
  • Fill your lens case with solution when you store your lenses. When your contact lens case is not full, your stored lenses can cling to the dry walls and become damaged. Filling your lens case all the way ensures your lenses will stay safe while they’re waiting for the next wear.

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