Contact LensesContact lenses are a great alternative to glasses to correct vision issues. Besides being almost unnoticeable to the naked eye, technology has also improved their comfort and safety. However, the improper care of contact lenses has led to about one million eye infections yearly in the US. If you are on a contact lens prescription, follow these tips to properly care for them and avoid eye injuries.


Contact lens hygiene is the most effective way to avoid eye infections. Ensure hands are clean before touching the eye area and that contacts are cleaned daily only with products recommended by an eye doctor.

Always use fresh contact lens cleaning solution. Debris and bacteria from your lenses come off into the contact lens solution and reusing it can easily lead to eye infections.

Don’t Wear Them While You Sleep

When one is asleep and their eyes are closed, the cornea receives less oxygen and lubrication than it would with open eyes. By sleeping with contact lenses you further limit the already decreased oxygen transmission which can lead to corneal tears and infections.

Minimize Contact With Water

Water doesn’t have sterilizing properties so it doesn’t remove microorganisms that can affect eye health. Also, because water doesn’t have the same salt content as cleaning solution, it gets absorbed and swells contact lenses. This changes how the contacts fit which lead to microscopic breaks on your cornea.

Replace Them When Required

There is no secret on knowing when to replace your contacts. If you bought daily disposable contact lenses, then they should be replaced daily. If your prescription lasts three months, then they must be replaced in three months. Always call your doctor if you are unsure about how often you should be replacing contacts.

Avoid eye injuries and infections by properly caring for your contact lenses. If you are interested in trying contacts for the first time, schedule an appointment with one of our optometrists.