Eye HealthIt’s no secret that our eyes tend to give us more trouble the older we get. However, there are certain measures a person can take to improve eye health and slow the effects of aging.

Proper eye care during your 30s-50s can pay off with better eyesight in your older years.

Good Eye Health Today Means Better Vision Tomorrow

1 – Get regular eye checkups

Long term eye disorders can often show telltale signs early on. Diseases like glaucoma can be caught in early stages and controlled with medication, before causing severe eye damage.

2 – Control your blood pressure and\or diabetes

Diabetes and high blood pressure are two of the most common medical problems among older people, and they’re also two of the worst conditions for eye health. Chronic high blood pressure or poorly managed diabetes can cause irreversible harm to your eyes.

3 – Rest your eyes more

Those with jobs requiring low levels of light, or close up detail work, often face worse vision in older age. Don’t ignore pain or fatigue in your eyes. If you feel as if you’re straining your eyes, take a break every now and then to let them rest.

Similarly, try to avoid using out-of-date lenses if you can. In terms of putting additional strain on your eyes, an improper lens prescription can almost do as much harm as no prescription at all.

4 – Ask your doctor about medication’s side effects on your eyes

As you age, you may end up taking more medicines. Unfortunately, even common medications such as antihistamines can cause eye problems, or interact with other medications. Keep your regular doctor updated on your eye health, and be sure to ask if any new prescriptions might effect your eyes.

You Determine Your Future Eye Health

Choices you make today can have an impact on your eye’s health decades from now. With proper eye care and regular visits to your optometrist, you can ensure healthy vision for plenty of years to come. Schedule an appointment with your Phoenix optometrist today.