Healthy Vision Month Phoenix Eye DoctorsChanges in our eye health might slip under our radar until they become full-blown problems. May is Healthy Vision Month, and it’s a great reminder to take care of our eyes and eye health. You may already be doing some of the eye health basics, like drinking enough water daily and wearing sunglasses. Here are a few additional tips to ensure you are taking care of your eyes.

Understand Your Family’s Eye Health History

One thing that is often overlooked when we think about our eye health, is the eye health of our family members. Many eye diseases and conditions that affect our eyes are hereditary. Understanding what eye diseases our parents and grandparents have been diagnosed with can help us provide our eye doctors with the best eye health history.

Address Eye Health Issues Immediately

It can be easy to ignore dry eyes or eye strain, but these issues left unaddressed can cause later issues for our eye health. Taking steps to address eye issues immediately, like investing in blue light glasses to reduce eye strain or determining the cause of your chronic dry eye, can be beneficial later on. Talk to your eye doctor if about any unaddressed eye concerns.

Have a Comprehensive Eye Exam Yearly

Eye exams are often overlooked and given low priority. Seeing an eye doctor regularly, however, is pivotal to catching eye problems and changes to vision early. Scheduling eye appointments, at least once per year, allows your eye care professional to track your eye health and address any changes may arise. Preventative eye care is the best way we can care for our vision.

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