Eye injuries don’t only happen at physical jobs where heavy equipment and flying particles go hand-in-hand with the work. Too many eye traumas occur at home, caused by common household objects or cleaning solutions. While some of these wounds remain minor, others can pose a serious risk to the patient’s eye.

You can help prevent eye injuries at home by taking simple steps that promote better eye safety. With a little care and common sense, you can avoid a trip to the emergency room and keep your eyes healthy!

Preventing Eye Injuries in the House

From household cleaners to haircare tools, you can sustain a vision-threatening eye injury by utilizing objects you make use of every day.

  • Sharp corners can pose a threat to your eyes should you trip. Ensure walkways are as clear as possible. Secure rugs with non-slip pads to prevent sudden slides. Check the security of railings. Place ample lighting on stairs to prevent tumbles caused by lurking pets. Pad sharp corners to prevent damage in case of falls.
  • Take care when using household chemicals such as bathroom cleaners, oven cleaners, and bleach. Read the labels to prevent unintended chemical reactions. Consider wearing safety goggles when using these products, and wash your hands after you finish.
  • Heated haircare tools such as straighteners or curling irons can cause severe damage should they touch your eyes. Always use care when styling!
  • Use care when opening carbonated drinks or wine bottles. Point them away from yourself and others. When opening wine, consider utilizing a towel wrapped around the top to catch the cork.

Preventing Eye Injuries in the Yard

Time outdoors can be fun, but it can also lead to an eye injury if you don’t take proper care to ensure your safety.

  • Wear safety goggles when trimming plants or mowing the lawn. Always check the area for sticks or rocks that could fly up and strike your eye!
  • Wear a helmet with a solid face guard if you’re playing high-impact sports.
  • Always put on safety goggles if you’re playing with projectile-shooting devices, including Nerf guns!
  • Wear safety equipment if working with power tools.

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