Diabetics must manage a host of medical concerns to ensure they stay in peak health, including proper eye care. Without it, they can develop conditions such as diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, and even cataracts. That’s why regular visits to a vision care professional, plus following the vital steps needed to keep your blood sugar under control, are so important.

Taking care of your eyes when you have diabetes works together with taking care of your condition. Good diabetic health practices, like the ones below, will help keep your eyes healthy, too.

Blood Sugar Management is Key to Healthy Eyes

When you have diabetes, your world revolves around a number on a glucose meter. Whether it’s your overall health or the health of your eyes, maintaining a healthy blood sugar is vital to the management of your condition.

Consistent control of your blood sugar can slow the damage diabetes causes in your eyes. This allows you more time before eye difficulties begin. Be sure you schedule an A1c blood test several times a year so your doctor can help you create a treatment plan!

Ditch the Cigarettes

Smoking causes health issues. This is especially true for diabetics. Smoking can harm the blood vessels in your eyes and increases the chances you will develop eye problems. Because diabetes already raises your chances of eye issues, this tips the odds out of your favor.

Find a smoking cessation program near you. Ask your doctor for help, or call 1-800-QUIT-NOW for advice. Your health is worth it!

Monitor Your Blood Pressure

High blood pressure can exacerbate eye diseases caused by diabetes. Monitor your blood pressure and ask your doctor for advice if it’s too high. This is also a fantastic excuse to eat a healthy diet, exercise, and maintain a healthy weight!

Get a Dilated Eye Exam Every Year

No one enjoys having their eyes dilated, but this exam helps your doctor spot early signs of damage to the blood vessels in your eye. You need to have one every year so your vision care professional has a consistent picture of each eye’s progress. Schedule yours today if you haven’t had one this year!

Keep Your Eyes Healthy at Valley Eyecare Center

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