After the effort you spent choosing new glasses, you’ll want to keep them looking like new for as long as you can. With the right tools and techniques, you can ensure your glasses will stay beautiful and functional for as long as you wear them. Start with these tips to properly care for your new glasses!

Use the Right Cloth When Cleaning

Most eyeglasses come with a microfiber cloth that’s safe to use on the lenses. This cloth, or one like it, is the best tool for cleaning the lenses of your new glasses. Under duress, a clean, debris-free cloth made of 100% cotton will do, but cleaning squares made for glasses are what you should choose to keep your glasses looking like new.

Please never use paper towels or napkins! These have textured surfaces that can scratch or damage your glasses.

Try Not to Clean Dry Glasses Lenses

Keep a bottle of spray handy to wet your lenses before you buff them down. You can also use lukewarm water to give your glasses a rinse before you clean them. This is important because your glasses may have debris on them that will scratch if a dry cloth rubs it across the lenses.

Maintain Proper Storage Practices

The safest place to put your glasses is in their case. This helps keep dirt and other debris off the lenses. It also helps to prevent damage from falls, impacts, and unsuspecting people sitting on them.

Set Them Down Carefully If You Must

If you really must set your glasses down for a moment, fold them closed and let them rest on the arms. This helps protect both the lenses and the top of your glasses.

Use Both Hands to Remove Your Glasses

Movie characters may peel their glasses off with one hand, but you should avoid following their example. This can bend the frames, cause a misalignment of the glasses, and weaken the screws.

Have Your Glasses Tuned Up from Time to Time

Even careful wear can cause the screws to loosen or minor bends to occur. Stop by your vision care professional to have your glasses readjusted so they fit like new!

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